• Ansible:安装httpd服务后无法启动

    我正在测试剧本 以下剧本可以安装apache并启动服务: - hosts: apacheweb user: ansibleuser become: yes gather_facts: no tasks: - name: Install the apache web server yum: pkg=httpd state=latest notify: Start HTTPD handlers: - name: Start HTTPD systemd: nam...
  • 可用的dnf模块:“模块故障”

    I am seeing the Ansible dnf module fail. But not reliably. When it does fail, it seems to succeed if I run Ansible again. 我的系统是Fedora 29 Workstation。 (更多版本信息如下所示)。 I run Ansible from a script. It uses a local connection: sudo ansible-playbook -c local ....

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