goshare 用户隐私服务协议
The goshare user privacy agreement


User privacy agreement

goshare 十分重视用户的隐私。您在使用 goshare 提供的服务时, goshare 可能会收集和使用您的信息。 goshare 希望您通过本《用户隐私协议》知晓您在使用 goshare 提供的服务时, goshare 将如何收集和保护您的信息。 当您使用 goshare 提供的任一服务时,即表示您已同意 goshare 按照本《用户隐私协议》来合法使用和保护您的信息。

goshare attaches a great deal of importance to users'privacy.When you use the services provided by goshare , we may collect and use your information. i hope you know how to collect and protect your information through the user privacy agreement when you are using the goshare.When you use any of the services provided by goshare, you have agreed to allow goshare to use and protect your information according to the user privacy agreement

一、 goshare 可能收集的信息

Some information that goshare might collect

goshare 在提供服务时,可能会收集、使用下列与您相关的信息。若您不提供相关信息,则可能无法享受 goshare 提供的某些服务,或无法达到某些服务拟达到的实际效果。

goshare may collect and use the following information when providing services.If you do not provide relevant information, you may not be able to enjoy certain services provided by goshare, or do not achieve the actual effect of certain services

     1.您向 goshare 提供的信息 当您注册 goshare 账户或者您在使用 goshare 提供的相关服务时,向我平台提供的相关个人信息,包括但不限于手机号、微信昵称、QQ昵称、微博昵称等。

The information you provide to goshare when you are registered with a goshare account or you are using the relevant goshare to provide relevant personal information to myIncluding, but not limited to, cell phone number, micro-credit, qq, twitter nickname, etc.

2. 您在使用 goshare 提供的服务时,我们可能收集您的以下信息:

when you use goshare , we may collect your following information:

日志信息:指您在使用 goshare 提供服务时,系统可能通过cookies或其他方式自动采集的技术信息包括但不限于您的移动设备以及移动设备所用的版本和识别码、阅读时长。

Information on the use of goshare The system may include technical information that is automatically collected through cookies or other means, including not limited to your mobile device and the version and identification code used by mobile devices, as well as the length of reading

二、 goshare 对您个人信息的保护

goshare protects your personal information

goshare 将努力采取各种安全技术和程序来保护您的个人信息,包括但不限于SSL、信息加密存储,以防信息的泄漏、毁损或丢失。但同时请您理解,由于现有技术的限制以及其他可能存在的风险,即使我竭尽所能加强安全措施,也无法始终保证信息绝对的安全。

goshare will strive to take all kinds of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information, including, but not limited to ssl, encryption storage, in case information leaks, damage or loss.But at the same time, you understand that, due to the constraints of existing technology and other possible risks, even if I did everything in my power to enhance security, it can not always be assured that information is absolutely safe



用户数据获取和分享说明: 用户在 goshare 的互动行为(包含修改文章,分享,点赞等)可增加用户的积分提升, goshare 会获取这部分数据,展示在站内的排行榜上。

users'interactive behavior includes changes to the content, sharing, and approval of the user's coin will receive this data to display the list of user rank something on the site


Change of privacy policy

如果决定更改隐私政策,会在本政策中以及适当的位置发布这些更改,以便您了解我们如何收集、使用您的个人信息,哪些人可以访问这些信息,以及在什么情况下我们会透露这些信息。 goshare 保留随时修改本政策的权利,因此请经常查看。如对本政策作出重大更改,会通过网站( https://goshare.site )通知的形式告知。

if we decide to change our privacy policy, we will publish these changes in our policy, our website and our position, so that you can understand how we collect and use your personal information Who can access the information, and what circumstances we would disclose The company reserves the right to change its policy at any time, so please check frequently. For major changes to the policy, this company will pass https://goshare.site. In the form of com notifications.


privacy issues


For any doubt about terms in this agreement, please send mail to my mailbox: (help@goshare.site).


Jan 31, 2020